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Songbooks and Hymnals

We can make a songbook or hymnal for a congregation or a denomination. It's surprisingly affordable. Our services cover a wide range including product development, marketing strategies, editing and typesetting, and permissions.

We have worked collaboratively on several productions, including the following:

  • Presbyterian Hymn Book (Book of Praise, 1997) and Psalter (Book of Psalms, 1995, 1998) in multiple editions for The Presbyterian Church in Canada (1993-1998)
  • Indexes, Copyright clearance, and Permissions for Common Praise (Anglican Church of Canada, 1998)
  • With Many Voices (Toronto: Binary Editions, 2001; reprinted with additions, 2009), a collection of worship music featuring arrangements by Andrew Donaldson.
  • Hymnal of the Church in the Province of the West Indies (Anglican) completed (2008-2010); a two book collection of over 850 hymns. Click links below to view Sample Pages:
  •            Music Edition

               Words Edition